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You might be wondering why you should spend several thousands of dollar on some SEO company instead of just going with traditionel offline ads in magazines and radio spots. Well the answer is pretty simple. More and more people are using the internet when trying to find a specific product instead of going through the tons of commercials they get every week. You might be exposed to as many potential customers this way, but almost every single one of them are interested in your product in one way or another. Many of the SEO companies which contact you via telephone or email can rarely deliver what they promise, or in many cases they deliver what they promised but you will only stay in these top spots for a short while before dropping down again or getting blacklisted completely by google. This is why you shouldn't just go with the first and the best company who gives you a good offer, check them out first and see what other tasks they have done, maybe even check up on some of their former customers and hear if they are still satisfied with their results.
We learned this the hard way. First we were dumb enough to reply to an email offering us a cheap Search engine optimization package. Best of all they didn't want money before they have delivered the promised result. We jumped aboard and they started working on our page and various linking systems. For awhile it looked like a pretty deal, we were gaining rank on google for many of our main keywords and getting more and more customers. We even made it to the first page in some very competitive keywords and was very pleased, paid the company and sat back watching the new customers enter our site. 2 weeks later, we had moved back to the end of 2.page on google. The next week 4th page and soon we were ever further back than when we started. We checked for backlinks to our hjemmeside and found that many of the ones we had weeks earler had been deleted or the page didn't exist anymore. We even tried to contact the seo company again but they never replied back to us.

A few months ago we tried another company this time a local one seo and made a deal them them, unlike the others they wanted money up front and couldn't give us any promises only that they would do their best to get us as high as possible. It didn't sound as tempting as the other company but way more honest and realistic. Also we have seen some of their other results for others clients and that did indeed look promising. After just one month we were back on first page and after 2 months in top 3. This is 4 months ago and we are still placed in the top 3, getting about 60% more customers than we did with our very expensive adwords campaign. So for us it was worth it, that's for sure.