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Webdesign and some general information about the right linkstructure for hjemmeside

Lets begin.

Those of you who have tried to design a proper website/hjemmeside have already noticed that  designing a good  internet page may be difficult. One of the biggest problems especially with large sites is forming a good information structure to show of your content properly and labeling the links in making that content material as easy to find as possible. This is the essence of webdesign when you are starting out on web design for hjemmesider. Either for yourself or for paying customers.

Building the best linking arkitekture possible.

Several recent projects looked at precisely how data structure along with classification tag ambiguity influenced customer performance when they were trying to find the material they were looking for. They also manipulated the actual detail and width with the information architecture with end users interact with either a three-tiered or a two-tiered composition. Additionally , they manipulated the actual tagging using clear labeling or some badly made labels for the various links, bear in mind that this is really important in certain special cases when dealing with webdesign.

What they observed was that customers managed a lot better at sites using a deep as opposed to extensive structure if the web-site have a good and clean  labeling system for their links as this really is important in webdesign. Individuals also found items using the unclear labels quicker in two tiered (wider architecture). It is because the surfers do have an overabundance of probabilities to get lost in the three tiered (narrow) structure and find exactly find what they were looking for. The investigation reinforces that having a great organization scheme just isn't going to help customers if the url labels are not clear. You can read a little more about hjemmeside here at Hjemmeside

The Right Organizational Design when dealing with a new site.

Product centered organization obtained increased much better rankings and customers didn't make as many mistakes when compared to the task based organization according to our tests. Customers performed way better and were being a lot more satisfied with the product-based corporation, in particular within the lower quality labeling experiments, this was exactly as we had predicted, and forseen. So pick the right hjemmeside for the right job as most webdesigner would say.

Choosing the right label names for your links.

The tests Outcome did confirmed that level of quality of labels did have a large effect on how much time expected to perform the job and on the user’s efficiency. Users within the high quality label team made much less faults, and discovered more items when compared with customers within the medium and poor quality label teams, which according to Michael from Webdesign-Aalborg a good webdesign company from aalborg, it really didn't come as a surprise. After several years of building hjemmesider they had noticed similar aspects in user study tests ect.

The actual outcome of the various experiments did show that internet pages with badly constructed labels cause many of the end users to waste their attention and time trying to figure out what various labels meant. Labels categorised as high quality were accumulated from average customers. Poor url descriptions was obtained throughout benchmarking current labels. Labels which didn't satisfy the user’s schema ending up taking much more search times. It's important to find out what kind of info users are wishing to look for and then to supply them with very clear links so that they do not waste time searching for information and wasting their time, or in worst case giving up and going to somewhere else for that product or information. And select the path that fits you the best, it's hard to build a good website if you don't have your heart in it too.

Users and how they find the information.

Another intersting test from 2005 was build on looking into info organization for elder users. These were keen on investigating personal well being details websites, health sites and  and methods of generate better info structures. They needed to categorize and label details making it simpler for older persons to find. Many of them didn't have much computer experience so a properly designed website is really important here, so pay attention to how you do it.

At first they required all of the senior citizens to fill out a card with kind of merchandise in one of the primary categories from the site they did the test on. A cluster evaluation of the information resulted in the 5 most important groups every one that contain four subgroups they had to fill in. Just to make all the result for the test was submitted in the same manner.

On the next tests contributors procured lists of the group goods and presented labels for every group. During this last experiment, our researchers demonstrated participants the advise label and group things and expected them to rank the label names dependant on their fit towards the right group of tags. Use the proper lables and don't try to make it to fancy and show of what you can do, keep it simple instead.

As expected the outcome did revealed how the new user-provided labels were much less formal than the original website and were much easier to comprehend for these users. The participants also grouped the items much differently than the original structure. The original structure had only two branches, each main branch had a couple of sub-categories every sub-category were comprised of 3 items each. The consumer based structure was way less methodized with different amounts of items and sub-categories in each primary branch in that test, and also in the next two.

Customers also catagorized items together based on their purpose or service provided, instead of factors including geographic location, age, stats and so on as we often have seen in previous tests. This goes both for webdesign  but also for seo when you are trying to aim your page for certain customers, not all ages search the same way.

Results of the tests.

These experiments suggest a large number of necessary things to consider for building the info architecture of a Internet site. But primary, the most important was that a good link labels help user performance while bad or ambiguous labels lower their efficiency quite a bit. Second, additional levels of organization can be helpful for users (as long as they are adequately labeled). Not matter organization schema select, it s better to preserve the navigation links persistent and consistent throughout the web site. Matching the various user’s mental models to your webdesign can lead to a far more beneficial internet site that will should make it easier for the end users to use which is the most important thing about a website. Learn more about this and other design tips at Webdesign-hjemmeside

That is what I have chosen to share with you today, feel free to pop in at some later point to see what other new article that you can find here. There will be more about webdesign, photoshop and how to build proper hjemmesider.